Supplier Survey

PVP Advanced EO Systems is in the process of conducting the bi-annual supplier survey, to comply with our AS9100 QMS requirements.  As one of our critical suppliers, please complete this survey in order for us to maintain you on our Approved Supplier List. Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

Company Name:
Contact Name: Phone:

Person responsible for Quality (If different from above):

Instructions: For each of the questions listed below, please click on the appropriate button. Please add any comments as appropriate.  When completed, please click on the submit button below.
1. Are you currently registered to any of the following ISO 9000 series of standards? (Check all that apply)
2. Do you hold any major customer approvals?  Such as Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon, L3. Yes No
Please enter details:

If you checked any choices to question #1, OR answered “YES” to question #2, please click the submit button below.

3. Do you plan on implementing a registered Quality System?
If yes, please enter details/timing:
4. Do you have a formal (documented) quality system?
5. Do you conduct in-process inspections of the work-in-process?
6. Do you have a calibration system for your measurement devices?
7. Do you have a corrective action process to address nonconformance’s?
8. Do you have a process for identifying and segregating rejected product? 
9. Do you conduct final inspection prior to shipment of product?   
10. Do you measure & monitor your on-time delivery performance?   
11. Do you periodically audit your quality system?   
12. Do you have a formal corrective action process for handling customer complaints?   
Any additional comments:

Thank You for your participation,

Bruce Ferguson, President

Geoff Downer, QA Manager