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Tactical Systems


Helmet Mounted Camera

The helmet mounted camera system was developed for the United States Special Operations Command to provide improved situational awareness in a variety of illumination and weather conditions.  It provides shared aperture imaging in the LWIR and NWIR bands.  The video data is displayed on a LCD module attached to the operators helmet.  The system is light weight and is environmentally sealed to support amphibious operations.

  • Sensors:  Uncoupled  LWIR Camera, NIR CCD Camera

  • Matched 40° Horizontal Field of View

  • Shared Aperture Optical System

  • Total Imaging Package Weight < 20 ounces (1.25 lbs)

  • Immersible and Shock/Vibration Hardened

  • Matched FOV Color LCD Display

  • 12 VDC Power, < 10 Watt Peak Power Consumption

  • Dual RS-170 Video Outputs

  • Video Selector Switch

  • System Battery Provides 3 Hour Total Operating Time

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Advanced Combat Man System (ACMS)

The ACMS system provides the operator with an integrated laser range finder, digital compass, targeting camera, IFF device, and laser aiming light.  These capabilities are integrated in a hand guard enclosure designed for installation on SAR-21, M-16, M-4, and other similar weapons platform.  The system integrates the latest advances in commercial electronics and sensors in a rugged light weight package designed to operate in a challenging environment for extended periods.

System Components

  • Laser range finder, 860 nm, 2500 m range

  • Digital compass

  • Low light targeting camera

  • IFF

  • Aiming light

  • Integrated USB mouse and controls for system computer, moving map display etc.

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Crusader Camera

The Crusader system consists of a compact, rugged  progressive scan camera package providing a low distortion wide field of view > 130 degrees.  The sensor can be used alone or in combination with an of LED’s to support remote docking of vehicles and other operations.

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Land Warrior Targeting System

The land warrior targeting system provides the operator with the ability to track and engage targets with out the risk of exposure to hostile fire.  The system features a standard P-rail mount for installation on the M-16 or other weapons with a similar mechanical interface.  The complete sensor system weighs less than four ounces and operates at 12 VDC, drawing less than 100 mA.  The sensor includes automatic electronic shutter adjustment to rapidly adjust to a wide range of illumination conditions ranging from <0.3 foot candles to bright sunlight.

  • Developed for the US Army and Raytheon Systems

  • Fully qualified for MIL-STD-810 environments

  • Live fire tested in excess of 6000 rounds

  • 40 unit EMD program completed

  • All program schedule, cost, and performance goals achieved

  • Weight 50% below specification limit

  • Volume 50% below specification limit

  • Power consumption 400% below specification limit

  • Resolution 110% of specification requirement

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