Products & Systems

Visible and IR Surveillance Systems Tactical Systems Airborne Systems Environmental Enclosures

PVPAEO offers extensive experience in developing and producing imaging systems for a wide range of military, aerospace, and commercial applications.  Customers of these advanced electro-optical systems include the US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corp., US Coast Guard, NASA, US Navy, Naval Research Lab, Department of Homeland Security, British Aerospace, Republic of Korea Agency for Defense Developement, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, TRW, Boeing, Georgia Tech. Research Institute, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Sandia Labs, Raytheon, and Titan Systems.  Several product lines have been developed for these programs and include Pan & Tilt Gimbals, Environmental Enclosures for Sensor Packages, Lenses, Telescopes, and Laser Illuminators.  PVPAEO also provides hardened flight computers and recorders for military aircraft that can also be tailored for rugged ground applications.  Our military threat simulators and tactical systems incorporate some of the most advanced infrared and image intensified cameras and laser head assemblies.