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Night Hawk

Download Spec. Sheets Here.

PVP Advanced Electro-Optical Systems, Inc. (PVPAEO) is a provider of state-of-the-art imaging systems and components for use in military, aerospace, and commercial applications.  One of the key elements of our surveillance and tracking systems is the Night Hawk Surveillance Platform. This high-performance Pan & Tilt gimbal offers the user extraordinary flexibility and ruggedness. It can accommodate a variety of sensors and video tracker configurations and provides continuous operation with no scheduled maintenance, even under extreme conditions. This product combines design elements from our field proven MVSP-200 with the servo motor based drive train from our Commanders Pan Viewer stabilized sight.   This results in extremely high pointing accuracy and repeatability, light weight, low power consumption, small size and significant payload capability.

The Night Hawk and selected sensor payloads are controlled over our graphical user interface.  The interface includes universal external control functionality, allowing the system to be controlled with any of the currently fielded protocols utilizing an internal user configurable command table.   This external interface may be accessed through Ethernet or a local direct serial connection.

The Night Hawk is fully network enabled with all command and control over a single Ethernet interface, which supports wired or wireless connection with a central command station.  The system also includes an internal two channel MPEG 4 encoder with a built in video switch to support network-based output of all video signals.  Analog video connections are also provided through the single interface connector to support maintenance or local system operation.

The Night Hawk platform is designed to operate in mobile or stationary installations.  The standard configuration includes preinstalled wiring and mounting interfaces for an optional gyro based stabilization package.  The supplied system firmware includes stabilized rate mode functionality to support this configuration option. 

The system operates on 28VDC power and can also be shipped with an optional sealed power supply module to support operation from 110VAC/220VAC.  Fully compliant operation with absolute position accuracy can be achieved in less than half a second after power is applied. 

Weight: 55 lbs

Payload: 125 lbs

Position: 360° continuous az. rotation

180 degree elevation rotation

Velocity: <0.1 to 100 deg / sec in azimuth

Velocity: <0.1 to 60 deg / sec in elevation

Acceleration: 100 deg/sec2 in azimuth

Acceleration: 60 deg / sec2 in elevation

Position Control: direct drive closed loop servo

Encoder Resolution: 18 bits

Encoder Type: absolute electrical

Position Accuracy: 0.005 degrees

Motors: direct drive servo

Azimuth Slip Ring: Dual Stage, 32 @ 2 Amps

Power: 28VDC, 110 or 220 VAC with external power supply.  Internal filtering of 28VDC input and conversion to 48V for motor drivers

Max Current: 2 Amps (at 48V) per axis at max payload / max sight line rate

Environment: Outdoor/Marine to MIL-STD-810

Humidity, Salt Fog, Solar, Blowing Sand / Dust, and Blowing Rain

Temperature: - 40°C to +70°C



Download Spec. Sheet Here.

Motorized Video Surveillance Platform (MVSP)

Our large MVSP (P/N MVST-200/0) is a high-performance Pan & Tilt Gimbal that offers the user extraordinary flexibility and ruggedness.  The proven MVSP combines the use of COTS hardware with quality workmanship to ensure high reliability at a reasonable cost.  The MVSP is currently being used for Wide Area Surveillance, Target Tracking, and Event Monitoring and can be used on portable or stationary installations.  Each unit comes with its own joystick and personal computer for stand-alone operation and BIT status checks.  Commands to the MVSP are through an RS-232 serial interface for straightforward integration into many operating systems and closed loop auto-trackers.  The MVSP is a true multipurpose sensor platform that provides continuous operation with low maintenance even under extreme conditions.  The basic performance characteristics and features are summarized below:

Weight 172 lbs
Dimension 12" W x 19" L x 26" H
Payload* 80 lbs per side
Balance 10 ft / lbs per side
Velocity (Az) <0.1 to 100 deg / sec
Velocity (El) <0.1 to 60 deg / sec
Acceleration (Az) 100 deg / sec2 @ 150 lbs balanced
Acceleration (El) 60 deg / sec2 @150 lbs balanced
Position Control Micro Step
Step Resolution 4 micro-radians
Encoder Resolution 10,720 counts / revolution
Encoder Type Incremental (Absolute Optional)
Motors Stepper
Transmission Gearhead
Azimuth Slip Ring Dual Stage, 24 @ 2 Amps 24 @ 10 Amps
Power 240 / 120VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Conversion to 75, 24, & 12 VDC
Operating Environment Outdoor/Marine
Operating Temperature -4°F to +140°F
* Larger payloads may be used but at slower rates

   Basic System Configuration Includes:

  •  AC/DC Weatherproof Power Supply (1)

  •  2 Axis Joystick Controller (1)

  •  Mating Connector Kit (1)

  •  25’ Power Cable (1)

  •  10” T-slot Equipment Shelves (2)

  •   T-slot Bolt/Nut Kit for Sensors (1)

  •  Molded Plastic Shipping Case (1)

  •  Operating Software (1)

  •  Durable Gloss White Paint

  •  Operation Manual (1)

  •  1 Year Warranty  



Visible and IR Surveillance Systems
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