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Environmental Enclosures

PVPAEO fabricates an assortment of standard and custom environmental enclosures to house various cameras and sensors.  These enclosures integrate seamlessly with our Pan / Tilt Gimbals and lens systems to form a precision yet rugged optical tracking system.  All the enclosures are sealed and designed to meet the environmental standard defined by MIL-STD-810.

Standard Features

  • Welded Aluminum construction

  • Sealed Opening and Connector Interface

  • EMI Shielding

  • Heat Conducting Mounting Surface  

Optional Features

  • Wipers

  • Active or Passive Cooling

  • Custom Paint and Finish

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Part No.
Sensor Type
IR Camera
Specifically designed to support the small LWIR cameras.  3.5" Dia. x 5.5" L. 
Daylight Cameras, Nightvision Cameras
Supports various visible and image intensified cameras. Available with or without heat exchanger.  Dry nitrogen purge.  8" Dia. x 16" L
IR Camera
Automatic Temperature Control.  6" Dia. x 24" L.
IR Camera
Rectangular housing with built-in heat exchanger.  
Small Daylight Cameras
Actively cooled system.  RS-232/422 Control 6" Dia. x 15" L.
IR Cameras, Large Daylight Cameras
Supports cooled and uncooled LWIR, MWIR, and NIR sensors as well as large daylight camera systems.  10" Dia. x 30" L.
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Photo Multiplier Enclosure        

Photo multiplier tubes significantly amplify ambient light.  In this application they are used to detect the small increase in scene illumination as a reentry body enters the atmosphere.  Detection of these changes is used to obtain precise timing of the reentry event.  The system contains four separate tubes, each tuned to a different spectral band. The system includes internal high voltage power supplies and amplifiers.  Input voltages which control PMT gain can be externally controlled.  The PMT system is contained in an environmentally sealed enclosure for extended use in marine and outdoor environments.

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Visible and IR Surveillance Systems Tactical Systems Airborne Systems Environmental Enclosures